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The Internship: BD Review

Nov 1st, 2013

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Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up again, but Wedding Crashers this ain't...

Fox / 119 Minutes / 2013 / Rated PG-13 / Street Date: October 22, 2013

One can imagine the suits at Fox crossing their fingers, hoping that the Wedding Crashers charm of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will be enough of a billboard draw to keep the leaden, nightmarishly simplistic tone and feel of The Internship above water. The setup on display here is anemic – to be fair, high-concept comedies like this one don’t have to be – and it almost seems like every element of the film (direction, script, supporting performers) simply step back and hope that Wilson and Vaughn can keep things from falling apart at the seams.

Alas, they cannot. Audiences gave The Internship a tepid (at best) reception when it hit cinemas this summer, and on Blu-ray, it’s easy to discern that even this assessment gave the movie too much credit. Whether it’s the rampant product placement on display around every corner of the picture, its pandering comedic tone, or its clichéd set pieces that prompt eyes to roll, The Internship just doesn’t gel.

In the movie, Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) are salesmen having trouble finding their way in the world. They get jobs here and there, but nothing sticks – they can’t gain any traction professionally (or personally, for that matter). Then Billy gets the bright idea as he Google searches for job opportunities that the internet giant itself might be the place to go, and stars align to get our two leading men gigs as (you guessed it) interns at the company.

Even as a late-night snoozing-on-the-couch comedy, The Internship’s charisma dries up quickly. The building blocks of its basic premise fall into place ever so neatly, yet while Wilson and Vaughn appear to be trying to give the thing a funny feel, nothing in the movie feels all that genuine or admirably loopy. Star power has gravity to it, to be sure, but even with a Will Ferrell cameo thrown in here, it comes up empty.

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