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Sandra Bullock: DVD/BD Report Card

Jan 4th, 2010


Speed - BD

Fox / 1994 / 116 Minutes / Rated R / Street Date: November 14, 2006

The one that turned Sandra Bullock from a pretty face into a bona fide movie star, Speed may not stand as the king of 1990s actioners (me, I'd go with T2), but its capacity to truly keep suspense throughout its entire two-hour run time is an excellent exercise in deft, classic filmmaking. There's also an aw-shucks quality to watching Sandra behind the wheel of that giant bus - to sit through Speed is to watch a star be born ("Our little girl's all grow'd up!"). Yet while the film's Blu-ray Disc release sports a kick-ass sound mix, video quality isn't top notch and there are painfully few bonus features to mention. B+


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