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Sandra Bullock: DVD/BD Report Card

Jan 4th, 2010

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DVDFile's assessment of ten notable Sandra Bullock DVDs and BDs


While You Were Sleeping - DVD

Buena Vista / 1995 / 103 Minutes / Rated PG / Street Date: February 4, 1998

Her rom-com chops have been proven time and time again over the last fifteen years, but While You Were Sleeping, a sleepy little cinematic gem, remains one of the adorable jewels in Ms. Bullock's crown. Her natural charisma and girl-next-door adorable cuteness - not to mention her legitimate chemistry with co-star (and romantic interest) Bill Pullman - is enough to elevate the film over its soap-opera-esque I-fell-in-love-with-a-guy-in-a-coma storyline, and then some. But it goes without saying that we need a new edition of this bad boy - no anamorphic widescreen, miniscule extras: Sandy, we're ready to double-dip! Bring it on! B-

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