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Criterion Goes Blu!

May 8th, 2008
Just days following Paramount's official statement regarding their scheduled release plans for Blu-ray Disc, Criterion sheds light on their own forthcoming Blu-ray Disc releases! The Last Emperor, Walkabout, and The Third Man are just a few of the films you'll be able to buy in 1080p from Criterion this October...

Those who are subscribed for Criterion's list-serve newsletter received some fantastic news today in their inbox. Our own Ken Souza is a registered subscriber to Criterion's newsletter and received the email. No word yet on lossless sound or audio CODEC, but I wouldn't expect anything less than lossless audio from Criterion regardless which audio delivery option they use (PCM, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio). Looks like it's going to be a great holiday shopping season:

 The Third Man
 Bottle Rocket
 Chungking Express
 The Man Who Fell to Earth
 The Last Emperor
 El Norte
 The 400 Blows
 Gimme Shelter
 The Complete Monterey Pop
 For All Mankind
 The Wages of Fear

A key quote from the newsletter is that the Blu-ray Disc releases will feature "all the supplemental content of the DVD releases, and they will be priced to match our standard-def editions." How's that sound for the true Criterion fan? I hope the other studios catch on that when enthusiasts upgrade to 1080p they don't want to have to hold on to multiple standard-definition copies because the new Blu-ray Disc versions don't contain all the bonus features from the standard DVD sets.

We'll keep you updated as more news rolls in!

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