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Top 10 DVDs and Blu-rays of 2009 (So Far...)

Jul 29th, 2009
Two DVDFilers look back at the year to date and name their picks for 2009's first-half M.V.P.s

The dog days of summer are almost upon us, and two of DVDFile's resident Blu-ray/DVD gurus have taken an opportunity to step out of the heat to reflect on 2009's most notable releases.

There is definitely a full slate of high-profile titles yet to hit shelves between now and the holiday season - there will no doubt be additional names on this list at year's end - but until then, here are Ken and Mike's take on the crème de la crème of 2009's first half.

First Up: Who would win in a matchup between Pinhead and Darth Vader?

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