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DVDFile's Most Wanted

Aug 16th, 2009
DVDFile's picks for ten titles they'd most like to see on DVD/BD...

Every good DVD collector has a wish list, and every good DVD collector knows that for each amazing title that gets announced (and is subsequently released), there are ten more that continue to lie in the DVD/BD ether, unreleased and in a state of home entertainment limbo. This week, DVDFile gets on a soapbox and proclaim our 'Most Wanted' list, a set of titles we'd like to see get full-blown bells-and-whistles releases. Some are more realistic picks than others - a few may not ever see the light of day in any capacity - but all of them share a geeky status as an object of distinct and fervent home theater passion: We want these to see the light of day. Badly.

First up: Stanley Kubrick does 45 takes of an important Blue Meanies scene...

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