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Rock n' Roll on DVD/BD

Aug 30th, 2009

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DVDFile turns it up to 11 and offers their top ten all-time picks for Rock n' Roll on DVD and Blu-ray... Rock n' Roll on DVD/BD

DVDFiler Kenneth J. Souza is the guitar-tech mastermind behind this week's Top Ten List - a rock n' roll compilation. No easy listening, no disco - Hell, not even musicals are invited to this rock n' roll fantasia (though once we're done cranking the rawnch here, a musicals list might be fun...). The best part of the dog days of summer is that no other time of the year is more tailor-made for turning up the 8-track deck and rocking, and that's the spirit in the sky with which Mike and Ken put their lists together.

And what a cornucopia of titles it is - we've got guitar gods with white face make-up, mod-80s pop fusion performances, classic rock standards: For you, our beloved DVDFile readers, we offer this set list of epic rock-on-DVD/BD.

By all means, LET THERE BE ROCK!

First up: A cinematic Dylan and Bowie reassure us: "Anything you want - you got it....."

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