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Top Ten Romantic Comedies on DVD/BD

Sep 8th, 2009
Four DVDFilers take aim at the boldest and funniest love affairs that Blu-ray and DVD have to offer....

DVDFile rocked and rolled with the boys last week, and this week we turn ourselves over to our feminine sides and offer up our list of the Top 10 Best Romantic Comedies on DVD/BD. And what’s even more exciting is that Mike and Ken are joined this week with new DVDFilers Aurora Miller and Pamela Jaye Smith, who are ready and willing to share their takes on the genre with the boys.

Controversy arose when it came to what counts as a romantic comedy – when the list was proposed to Aurora, for example, her response was:

Can it really be a romantic comedy if somebody dies (as in Love Actually and Playing by Heart)?  Did the genre exist before Annie Hall? Do you have to be able to tell the whole story just from the poster?  Does a musical count?  In my oh-so-humble opinion, one should feel light-hearted and hopeful by the end credits of a Rom-Com, one should depart with maybe a different perspective on the nature of love and relationships, and one should believe that no matter who you are, in love anything is possible. 


Some of our choices are predictable, some are controversial, some are from left-field, but one thing’s for certain: Male or female, we DVDFilers love our romantic comedies, and are stoked to share our favorites with our readers….

First up: Sex and the City and Katharine Hepburn and Julia Roberts and...

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