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The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time on DVD/BD

Sep 13th, 2009

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Four DVDFilers brave a sea of awful films to find the creme de la creme of the best of the worst.... The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time on DVD/BD

Tingle (\ˈtiŋ-gəl\) v. 1.: To feel a ringing, stinging, prickling or thrilling sensation. 2.: Sensation of being so blown away by something embarrassing, overly dramatic, unbelievable or just plain bad in a movie that one has a noticeable, often paralyzing viewing reaction.

As a team of movie reviewers, the folks at DVDFile have to sit through some crappy movies every once in a while (you can’t win ‘em all…), but sometimes these “bad” movies turn out to be so much more than awful that they turn into distinct, unique examples of a type of movie we like to call tingly (hence the above definition). As any self-respecting cinephile knows, mediocre and benignly dull movies are the true bottom of the filmic barrel: When a movie is legitimately and dramatically great, it can provide  a wonderful inspiration to a viewer (this everybody knows), but sometimes when a movie is unavoidably and often extraordinarily horrible  - so bad one simply sits watching in a state of awed disbelief -  one can fall in love with it on a whole other level.

Four DVDFilers – Aurora Miller, Mike Restaino, Kenneth J. Souza and Grey S. Wears – know all about the tingles that truly, inescapably bad cinema can provide, so join them on their journey in their effort to unearth the worst of the worst, a list of movies so excitingly bad that they’re better than most good ones. 

In other words: Prepare yourself for tingles.

First up: Skeletons, aliens, Neil Patrick Harris and Divine’s ass tattoo…

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