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Top Ten Sci-Fi/Horror TV-on-DVD/BD Titles

Sep 20th, 2009

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Three boob-tube-addicted DVDFilers break down the ten greatest spooky space television DVDs/BDs ever released on Earth, and beyond.... Top Ten Sci-Fi/Horror TV-on-DVD/BD Titles


It was bound to happen: After weeks of focusing our DVDFile eyes on the silver screen in concocting recent Top 10 Lists, we have officially left the Cineplex and have plopped our butts in front of our respective TV sets. But this is no simple ‘Best TV-on-DVD Titles’ compilation – we’re far nerdier and narcissistically geek-minded than that (would you expect anything less of us?) - this is an investigation of all things horror and science fiction on television.

Things that go bump in the night? Absolutely. Spaceships and extra-terrestrials? You got it (the crappier the special effects, the better, by the way).

Addressing releases of all shapes and sizes from all around the globe, DVDFilers Aurora, Mike and Grey have rattled their brains and adjusted their Starfleet insignia pins just right in order to bring you a wild and diverse look at the best stuff with goblins, time warps, vampire hunters and alien planetoids ever broadcast on the boob tube.

First up: Blood-suckers, Cylons and the numbers….OH, THE NUMBERS…!!!

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