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The Top Ten Musicals of All Time

Oct 18th, 2009

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Put on your tap shoes and get ready to sing - DVDFile brings you their picks for the greatest musicals in the land....

The hills are alive (quite alive, thank you very much) with the sound of nerds compiling Ten Best Lists: No, that pitter-patter on your roof isn’t the sound of Yul Brynner pacing as he discusses arithmetic with Anna in The King and I, nor is it Cartman and the South Park boys trying to force Kenny down your chimney - it’s your buddies at DVDFile tip-tapping on their computer keyboards in an attempt to showcase some of the greatest movie musicals the genre has to offer.

On this eclectic list are cavorting hippies, crooning dentists, kaleidoscopic Bollywood dance numbers  - anything that involves a little song and dance is fair game for Kenneth and Aurora, and their lists have as many overlaps as they do unique selections that would look love on any film-lover’s DVD shelf or rental queue.

So brush off the clouds and cheer up - here comes DVDFile’s list of the Best Musicals of All Time: 

First:  Satan and Anne Murray enjoy some quality time in the Age of Aquarius….

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