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Top Ten Horror Flicks of All Time

Oct 25th, 2009

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DVDFile looks into the mirror, says 'Candyman' three times, then heads to their computer keyboards to offer their thoughts on the scariest movies EVER.... Top Ten Horror Flicks of All Time

I wish there was a way for the sound of a thunderclap and a distant scream to come through the fog as we introduce this week’s Top Ten list, a look at the greatest things that have ever cinematically gone bump in the night. As many DVDFile readers know, the horror genre is close to our silver-bullet-fearing hearts - our founder, Peter Bracke, even left DVDFile to write the definitive book on the Friday the 13th phenomenon, Crystal Lake Memories - and as All Hallows Eve looms on the dark horizon, we felt it more than appropriate to talk about all things spooky in our column this week.

On our Top Ten Horror Films of All Time list, we have tried-and-true standards and wildcards, bloodbaths and nightmares, headtrips and torture sagas - anything you would want to put on in the background to summon the demons and have a bit of a Blu-ray/DVD séance. So join Ken and Mike as they get out the Ouija boards, put on their cloaks and tell you of all things dark and sinister… that they can show you on their home theater systems….

First:  Kurt Russell grabs the camcorder and heads for the forest….

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