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Blu-ray Wishlist: The Ten Most Wanted Animated Films

Nov 1st, 2009

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Two DVDFilers offer up their orders for the ten animated films, TV shows and shorts they would most like to see receive the high-definition treatment....

Now that the candy-corn haze of Halloween has passed us by, DVDFile can get back to what it does best: Banter on and on about what they want Santa to bring them this year (after all, 'tis the season...). While we've offered thoughts on what would make for the best cult-adored DVD/BD releases in the past, we thought we'd celebrate the high-profile Blu-ray Disc releases of Up and Monsters, Inc. this month (reviews coming later this week) with our wishlist of animated works we'd like to see released in high-definition.

This list consists of animated properties in all forms: Features, series, shorts, and online affairs that need to be liberated from their quickly-antiquating forms and put into crystal-clear 1080p. All genres and animated forms are here - traditional animation (you might recognize certain mice from movies on this compilation), CG, stop-motion and even stuff that looks like it was drawn on somebody's rusty ol' Apple IIc (and we mean that as a compliment!).

Disagree with something Mike and Grey put on their lists? Of course you did - that's part of the fun! But you won't know what kind of grievances to file with us until you see what we've got, so balloon out your elephant ears, prepare for run-ins with dancing hippos and just us on our journey through what we think is most important to get onto BD (then drop an anvil on our heads in the Forum afterwards)....

First: Reproducing brooms and forgetful fish….

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