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Top Ten Disaster Movies of All Time

Nov 16th, 2009

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Interested in stuff blowing up? So are we! Join us as two DVDFilers take aim at the best disaster flicks out there.....

In honor of onetime lovesick nerd John Cusack’s new Earth-in-tatters blockbuster hit 2012, two DVDFilers have decided to take a look at one of the most strangely beloved subgenres in film: The Disaster Movie. The exact appeal of this type of film is slippery – Do we love the action of it? Do we love the sadistic thrill of watching terrible things happen to millions of people? Do we just like watching shit blow up? – but there’s no denying that sometimes, the fusion of on-screen cities turning to rubble and the taste of movie theater buttered popcorn has no rival.

So with that in mind, join Ken and Mike as they argue about which giant, human-hungry monsters are best, which method of alien apocalypse is preferable – in essence, they discuss their favorite Merchant Ivory films.

Say a quick prayer, hold on to something heavy and hunker down – here come the Top Ten Disaster Movies of All Time…

First: Plague-riddled Swedes scream: “ACK! ACK! ACK!”…..

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