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A Very DVDFile Holiday

Nov 21st, 2009
Grab your coat, bring your egg nog and follow DVDFile as we investigate a series of the greatest holiday Blu-ray Discs and DVDs that Santa and his buddies have ever seen....

Regardless of your creed, religious affiliation or even your preference in movies, by the time of the year that Halloween has become a vague memory, and the new year is just around the bend, there's nothing like a holiday-themed movie to really savor the season. There are episodes from classic sitcoms to enjoy, vintage animations to remind us of our boob-tube-laden childhoods past, and more Christmas, Thanksgiving, Boxing Day (and on and on and on) holiday pictures than Santa Claus himself could shake his sack of toys at. 

So DVDFile has put twinkle lights around our widescreen television displays, draped tinsel on our eight-channel sound systems and hung Blu-ray and DVD cases by the chimney with care in an attempt to address the best home entertainment holiday titles to peruse. But beware our super-geek tendencies: You won't find It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story or even White Christmas here (even though these standards are well-worn classics in their own regard) - A Very DVDFile Holiday is a list of year-end curios and oddities that will keep kids, parents, grandparents and nerds alike entertainment as it snows, snows, snows....

First Up: Riverbottom gangs, animal country quartets, and the groin-hittiest Christmas ever....

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