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The Ten Best DVDs of 2009

Nov 28th, 2009
We'll wait and take a look at 2009's Blu-ray Disc releases later: For now, DVDFile looks back at the last twelve months and comes up with a list of the must-have DVDs of 2009....

Because poor little DVDs just can't quite compete with their high-definition Blu-ray comrades, DVDFile has decided to start the year-ending review season with a Digital Vinyl Disc-only assessment of the best releases of 2009. I mean, any good geek loves those beautiful Blu tops to BD releases (ah, the Blu....), but even though it seems like Cro-Magnon man comparatively, DVD nevertheless remains a standard format in the realm of home entertainment, and even if DVDFile prefers things Blu (that's our 2009 Best Understatement of the Year), we still feel like giving a shout-out to our standard-def buddies. 

So you won't find any titles on this list that are also available on Blu-ray Disc - we'll save our thoughts on those guys for a later post: Only standard-def-only releases were eligible for this particular Best Of compilation. And we have a little bit of everything: TV-on-DVD, geeky comedy, rock and roll, giant box sets - let's just hope Santa hasn't checked his list twice before you have a chance add some of these bad boys to your holiday wishlist....

First Up: Prison time, Chinatown and Rose-Mia's boo-boo....

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