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DVDFile's Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 4th, 2009
We've made a list of the season's best Blu-ray and home theater gifts out there - take a look at DVDFile's guide to items nerds simply MUST have this holiday season....

Tis the season of gifts and gift-giving, and while it's always the thought that counts, speaking as a card-carrying A/V geek, I've heard from multiple friends and family members that I'm impossible to shop for. When it comes to the Blu-ray/DVD-loving geeks on people's lists, folks want to offer loved ones something more than a faceless gift card for the holidays, but few are exactly sure what kind of gifts are most appropriate.

Does she already have this? Is this the kind of movie he wants? Can she take it back if she doesn't want it?

So in an attempt to take the fear and loathing out of the nerd-oriented shopping experience, DVDFile has offered up a geek-flavored holiday wish list, a compilation of gift ideas, places to shop and wild-card options that may not only sate the sunlight-deprived movie dweeb in your family, but surprise them a bit, to boot. And we should know: Every one of these ten gift ideas are something we'd like Santa to drop off in our media rooms. Heck, he can even stay and watch a movie or two while he's here!

So nerds and nerd supporters: Take our hand....

First: Stand-alone versus deluxe editions - which way to turn...?

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