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The Ten Best Blu-ray Discs of 2009

Dec 13th, 2009

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Five DVDFilers offer their year-end thoughts on all things high- definition on Blu-ray Disc in 2009 ....

2009 was a wild year for movies, and an even nuttier one for home theater enthusiasts. Blu-ray Disc prevalence in the market continued to grow (in leaps and bounds, in fact), technical proficiency on BDs seemed to get more and more sophisticated, and - most importantly - studios simply released more movies (both new and catalog) on the format. And as any self-respecting geek knows, it's all fine and good to resist new movie technologies... until your all-time favorites start getting released - at that point, one has no choice: It's time to jump.

So a handful of your pals at DVDFile - staff writers Kenneth J. Souza and Grey S. Wears, Editor-in-Chief Mike Restaino, and newly-enlisted guest contributors Eric King and Ryan Neves - have teamed up to look back at 2009 and which Blu-ray Disc releases truly impressed on the most fronts. This list covered all shapes and sizes of BDs - brand-new action blockbusters, 80s horror classics, even hard-core classic rock 'n roll - and we have left no stone unturned: What follows is a compilation of the best of the best Blu-ray Disc technology had to offer in calendar year 2009. Join us....

First: Pinhead and Mister Darcy play ball…..

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