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Make the World Go Away: The Gift of 2012

Mar 6th, 2011

Miller uses new media archetypes promoted by 2012 and other popular films, books, and television shows - the title of the book itself is based on a Hank Cochran song - in an attempt to assess this fascination (fixation?) on the Mayan calendar and exactly what it means both for the status of modern media as well as world culture and existence at large. A noted scholar in culture, consciousness and futures studies, Miller uses her book to examine what it means for the concepts of an ancient culture to be manifested in a modern context.

"There have been lots of prophecies and forecasts telling us that this is a critical time," says Miller. "There is a big change happening. Most indigenous cultures with a prophetic record teach us that we're near the end of a cycle, whatever the cycle may be. Many define this current cycle as a separation of races with a focus on materialism and hunger for power. THAT is ending, but they say the physical planet may be left unaffected."

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Miller's familiarity with the historical bases and implications of cultures both ancient and modern make her take on 2012 in Make the World Go Away a fascinating treatise on the cyclical nature of the universe as a whole - when I asked her about what she'd incorporate into a 2012-themed film if she had creative control over said movie, her response was rivetingly detailed and rich with historical presence (read: Miller knows what's up). But what makes her new book especially finessed and smart is its hesitance to simply join up with the Zeitgeist of 2012 mania:

"When I was living in California during the 1970s, there was a lot of talk about 'the big earthquake'. California was going to fall into the ocean. I lived in multiple towns along the San Andreas Fault, so I was paying attention. In one of the towns I lived in along the Fault, my house was near a garage where a couple guys named Steve were building a computer. And near another house I lived in was the first manufacturing plant owned by two guys named Hewlett and Packard—talk about “earthshaking events!” Whatever happens or doesn’t happen in December, 2012, things that have been normal may not be continue to be normal in the same way. That's part of what I wanted to address with Make the World Go Away."

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