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Make the World Go Away: The Gift of 2012

Mar 6th, 2011

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Ruth L. Miller's new book about the cinematic and historical importance of 2012

For many filmgoers and cinema enthusiasts - including, in full disclosure, this writer - most imagery and symbolism involved with the concept of the Mayan calendar and all things involved with the newfound interest in what may or may not happen in 2012 involves John Cusack and Amanda Peet running away from explosions. But after less than a half hour in discussion with author Ruth L. Miller - whose new book, Make the World Go Away: The Gift of 2012, is beginning to make waves - with all due respect to Cusack and company, their CGI-heavy blow-ups seem like just the tip of the iceberg.

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"That's what was great about the movie - want a Saturday afternoon romp? That's what it is. You want neat special effects? Cool - that's what it is," says Miller. "Cultural creatives have been aware of these prophecies and calendars for a while, and the 2012 movie made the rest of the world aware. Sadly, though, it put a lot of fear in people's mind with this idea that their physical world was going to fall apart around them. And that's why I wrote Make the World Go Away: To wake people up to the idea that this is not a time to enter into with fear."

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