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Symbols - Images - Codes: Book Release

Jul 20th, 2010

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A DVDFile contributor's new book hits shelves next week

Frequent DVDFile writer Pamela Jaye Smith is no stranger to the literary world - her books Inner Drives, The Power of the Dark Side, and Beyond the Hero's Journey are essential works on how to funnel the strength and complexity of myth into one's writing - but it's her latest release that is really generating some heat: It's her most exciting yet.

Symbols * Images * Codes: The Secret Language of Meaning in Film, TV, Games and Visual Media isn't just a treasure map for symbolism in modern art forms - it's a gorgeous, illuminating guide through visual design both grandiose and minute, offering an archaeologist's investigation into the hidden wonders of the moving image. 

To celebrate the release of Symbols * Images * Codes, DVDFile is preparing two weeks of exclusive Pamela Jaye Smith content and contests galore. We have an interview with the author coming soon, excerpts from the book to tantalize you for the riches of the real deal, discussions with the author about mythology's place in modern cinema and - more immediately alluring - we're giving away a ton of free stuff.

We'll have copies of Miss Smith's book available for lucky contest winners toward the end of our campaign, but before that, we'll be giving away Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and a slate of other goodies to our loyal readers: It's not very often a book of this quality hits shelves, and we're going full-boar to make sure it does so with appropriate fanfare.

Stay tuned for more Symbols * Images * Codes news in the coming days [And to keep up with the most hot-off-the-presses DVDFile material, don't forget to follow us on Facebook].... 

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