Meet James Howard, Jr.

Oct 2nd, 2005

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Jim's bio:

Born and raised in the outbacks of Jasper, Oregon, Jim grew up riding horses and motorcycles in the tall, breezy mountains while high-fiving Sasquatch pass by. (The mountains are a strange place when you're alone.) After high school, Jim left a slew of bloodied rednecks behind him and eventually graduated from the University of Oregon's business school, and landed a job as a staff accountant in a CPA Firm from a campus interview fluke. But after one too many tutu-spanking CPA meeting, Jim was subsequently committed to a Hawaiian sanitarium where he survived on coconuts and mice.

All strapped up and no where to go, in early 1996 Jim was approached by a madman who wanted to start something called an Internet Service Provider from his garage, and he needed help with accounting and operations to which Jim fell victim. Upon randomly web surfing one weekend in May of 1998, Jim came across a Pulitzer Prize-nominated editorial, then a cool review of Poltergeist. The cute little Aardnark, whom Jim swore he had met in the breezy mountain twilight years before, spellbound Jim to keep coming back for more. Two years later, Jim finally blackmailed DVDFILE into allowing him to write disheveled reviews in exchange for being the whipping post for Aardnark's dark side. "Ouch! Yes. Ouch? Yes!"

More Useless Facts About Jim:

» Favorite Film: East of Eden (1955), Payback.
» Favorite color: Dusky blue
» Favorite Bands: Papa Roach, PFR, Seal
» Secret Guilty Pleasure: Parapsychology, Scariest Places on Earth
» Most Embarrassing moment: After nausea from a steam room, Jim stumbled out of an emergency exit of a gym with just a towel
» Three words Others Would Use To Describe Jim: Hardworking, non-threatening, super-stud bastard
» Four revealing words Jim frequently uses when hauled off to jail: Those payments were gifts!

Jim's Equipment

Playback Monitor(s):
- Vizio LCD 55 in. VF551XVT

Blu-ray Player:
- Sony BDP-S550

- Denon AVR-1910 via HDMI

- Mediabridge HDMI 1.3


- Acoustech Cinema Series HT-75 Front Right and Left
- Acoustech HT-65 Front Center
- Acoustech HT-63 Surround Right and Left
- Acoustech HT-63 Center Surrounds
- Acoustech H100 Subwoofer


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