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Scandal - The Ccomplete Second Season: DVD Review

Sep 13th, 2013

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Scandal is insanely over-the-top, and also more deliciously addictive than any other nighttime soap currently on the air...

Buena Vista / 946 Minutes / 2012-2013 / Unrated / Street Date: September 3, 2013

Grey's Anatomy guru Shonda Rhimes’ series Scandal makes PR types seem like weapon-wielding superheroes. Not to say that PR isn't important – as a profession, it has become, in the internet age, one of the major keepers of cultural and social stasis - but the crisis management team at the center of Scandal is set up to look like the operators of The War Room, a squad so powerful, so flush with importance that they make The A-Team look like a quilting circle.

I’d say more, but what this Complete Second Season box set resorts to as often as it possibly can is cliffhanger suspense. Olivia (Kerry Washington) is still our main character, and via flashbacks and staggered storytelling, mysteries of all shapes and sizes are revealed, but the glee to be mined out of a TV-on-DVD set like this one resides in its blatant desire to throw its audience curve balls.

And somehow, this is where Rhimes’ series catches fire. Scandal’s first season (with only seven episodes) was skittish and unconvincing, but here, the show descends upon its viewers like a heavy coat. This is heartily marathonable television, and while a high-def edition would have been preferable, Scandal: The Complete Second Season is irresistibly addictive. It’s probably terrible, but the show is unpredictable enough that you’re too flabbergasted at its twists and turns to notice.

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