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Jack Taylor - Set 1: DVD Review

Jul 23rd, 2013

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This Irish crime drama import starring Iain Glen is a perfect cure for the summertime rerun blues... 

Acorn Media / 272 Minutes / 2010-2011 / Unrated / Street Date: June 25, 2013

Our protagonist in Jack Taylor is too much for the Irish national police guard. As the first mystery on this TV-on-DVD set unfolds, Jack (Iain Glen) gets fired from the organization and is forced to make ends meet by setting up shop as a private investigator. Even as a one-man show, though, the guy’s enough of a wildcard that it’s difficult to keep things in line.

In short, Jack Taylor leaves a wake wherever he goes. You shouldn’t even ask when it comes to romantic interaction, and if you have a bottle on your person, Jack will definitely help you lighten your load. The archetype of the drunken loner detective type is nothing particularly new or inventive, but somehow Jack Taylor totally works: these three extensive mysteries are familiar, engaging, escapist successes.

I don’t know how great Jack Taylor would play a second time around – odds are that the crime drama at hand here plays best as a one-off – but as rentals, TV detective fans might find these to be irresistible pieces of programming. Glen himself deserves the MVP award (his performance is equal parts loosey-goosey and determinedly lived-in), and even if Jack Taylor doesn’t reinvent the wheel or anything, its hedonistic musings nevertheless make for diverting TV. 

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