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New Tricks - Season Nine: DVD Review

Jul 22nd, 2013

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The New Tricks team is back for another round, and things here are just as good as ever...

Acorn Media / 590 Minutes / 2012 / Unrated / Street Date: June 25, 2013

Proceeding like an Anglo REDNew Tricks is about spies who tried to quit but got pulled back into the fold. With differing degrees of crankiness, ability and work habits that are all over the map, in New Tricks we see the sassiness of a modern age coupled with a refreshingly old-fashioned way of telling stories - it's the old meeting the new.

At the center of these semi-retired ass-kickers is the lovely Amanda Redman (Sexy Beast), who is flanked by her team of fellows - Dennis Waterman (Circles of Deceit), Alun Armstrong (Bleak House) and James Bolam (The Beiderbecke Affair): each has his own specialty, and all have particular baggage as far as why they retired (and how). Bolam especially figures large in this Season Nine set, because after all his hemming and hawing through the years, he vows to give it all up during the season’s premiere episode, and this torpedoes the Police Squad’s very essence of doing business The gang is able to find their sea legs after a while, but it’s a tricky journey (and one that makes for solid viewing).

As was the case with earlier TV-on-DVD seasons of the show, it’s fair to say that there's nothing particularly groundbreaking or wildly exotic about New Tricks: Season Nine, but as steadfast crime television goes, it sure passes the time. The dramatic interplay and camaraderie among the show's main characters is enough to keep the entire series above water - while the show will sometimes descend into typical melodramatic predictability, these characters’ scintillating repartee keeps New Tricks' wheels spinning nicely.

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