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The Giants: DVD Review

Jul 8th, 2013

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This 2011 Cannes favorite comes to DVD with a pretty darned strong standard-def presentation...

Kino / 84 Minutes / 2011 / Unrated / Street Date: June 4, 2013

Bouli Lanners’ The Giants is a beautifully conceptualized little movie. When the film focuses on the innate power of its visual oomph, this ragtag youthful fantasia really makes a case for itself. That being said, there are moments – nay, sections – of the movie that negate any collective narrative effect The Giants might have: in fits and spurts, it’s a lilting yarn, but it’s hit-and-miss all the way.

Our film centers on two brothers – Zak (Zacharie Chasseriaud) and Seth (Martin Nissen) – who have a little bit of a mommy issue. Theirs completely abandoned them a while back, and as The Giants opens, they lament running out of whatever money she left them as they laze about their grandmother’s house deep in the woods. Things switch from bad to worse, though, and the boys (along with their pal Danny (Paul Bartel)) depart their country home and head downriver on a boat, going head-to-head with Mother Nature herself.

The Giants debuted at Cannes a couple years ago to relative acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. While the movie resorts to connect-the-dots cliché far more often than it should, when the picture relies solely on the vivid impressionism of its visuals, it’s truly quite transporting. From start to finish, it’s an uneven achievement, but even in fits and spurts, The Giants proves that there’s innate power to the moving image.

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