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House of Cards - The Complete First Season: DVD Review

Jul 5th, 2013

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There's no need for this set if you've already seen it on Netflix, but it's nevertheless a standard-def wonder to behold....

Sony / 674 Minutes / 2013 / Unrated / Street Date: June 11, 2013

Fincher’s the perfect man for the job here. Under perhaps America’s single greatest working mainstream filmmaker’s guidance, House of Cards’ pilot episode is a sleek Rolls Royce piece of TV: it utilizes and exploits all the bells and whistles of the format, but somehow the steely snark of Fincher’s firmly-established tone lends the episode a knowing, winking finesse. It’s a piece of programming to marvel.

The rest of House of Cards: The Complete First Season is good, too, but unsurprisingly, the thing starts better than it ends. As we take a look at the sordid underbelly of American high-profile politics here, we are given a front-row view of one senator Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a man who has hitched his wagon to the presidency of one Mr. Garrett Walker (Michael Gill) in hopes of obtaining a stint as Secretary of State.

House of Cards really gets good, though, when Walker gives Underwood the boot. After betraying the connection he established with his smiling yet conniving colleague, he sets himself straight in the crosshairs of Underwood’s unprecedented drive for revenge. House of Cards: The Complete First Season isn’t just about soulless government types, it’s about just how far they’ll go down the rabbit-hole to get what they think they deserve. And Fincher, our great multiplex moralist, kicks off this saga with elegant, demonic bravura. 

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