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The Hangover Part III: BD Review

Oct 16th, 2013

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The Wolf Pack play their endgame - but will we still laugh at their adventures...?

Warner / 100 Minutes / 2013 / Rated R / Street Date: October 8, 2013

Audiences roundly gave the finger to The Hangover Part III when it hit cinemas this summer, and after experiencing the ‘final chapter’ of the comedy franchise on Blu-ray, it’s blatantly clear why this occurred. Comedies don’t need to be important or noteworthy in order to work – sometimes the dumber they are, the more they connect – but what will leave most people so inclined to hit that fast-forward button here is that everything about The Hangover Part III feels 100% unnecessary.

Following the ‘broken clock is right twice a day’ mantra, you’re likely to at least crack a smile once or twice during The Hangover Part III’s thankfully short running time, but where the first film’s where-are-they-going-with-this? inertia was enough to counter its rampant use of cliché and banal character development, around every twist and turn of Part III, the audience is two steps ahead of the movie, zapping it of any left-field charm.

It’s also a needlessly complicated movie in terms of its crypto-jokey plot is concerned. Our adventure begins with word that dingbat-nudist gangster Leslie Chow (Ken Joeng) has escaped from his Bangkok prison, and other underworld baddies (most notably heavies played by Mike Epps and John Goodman) want to get their hands on him. As it happens, Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Leslie have been good penpals for a while, so their buddy (Justin Bartha) gets kidnapped and the mobsters tell the Wolf Pack – Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach – if they want him back, they need to bring Leslie out of hiding.

The Hangover hasn’t held up exceptionally well in the years since its release, and its two legitimately awful sequels won’t help crystallize what was, at the time of its release, a wildfire international phenomenon. This Hangover Part III Blu-ray edition is squarely for those who still have a soft spot for the Wolf Pack and want to go through the motions of seeing their adventures come to an end. Non-die-hards will find a better night’s entertainment by rewatching the original again – because you haven’t seen it in a year or two, right…?

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