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Robin Hood: BD Review

Aug 28th, 2013

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Most of us remember it being fun, but how does this 1973 animated Robin Hood hold up on its new Blu-ray release....?

Buena Vista / 84 Minutes / 1973 / Rated G / Street Date: August 6, 2013

Disney’s great gift with their Blu-ray releases of animated classics like Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty is that they’ve given a beautiful sheen to movies that are primed to be enjoyed by a new generation of film watchers. Kids who were five in the 1980s (or the 70s, or the 60s…) experienced them with wide-eyed wonder, and more than ever, those of us interested in passing down their virtues have a stellar opportunity to do so.

Tales like Robin Hood, though, might be a slightly tougher sell. A beloved romp since its release in the early 1970s, this fox-and-tiger retelling of the myth has wonderfully bouncy music and it moves along at an impressively staccato pace, but it’s the kind of kiddie movie best left in the nostalgia bin and not rewatched all that often. In short, Robin Hood is an animated feature that works best in hindsight.

But there’s still a minor thrill to be had in terms of this high-def release. Robin Hood has never been first in line when Disney unleashes its animated materials on new formats, but it certainly found its way to LaserDisc and DVD in time, and even if it might not stand tall compared to high-profile titles like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it’s still good fun. But it might be a tougher sell for your kids than, say, Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland

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