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Venus and Vegas: BD Review

Jul 31st, 2013

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Even die-hard Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jaime Pressly fans will find it difficult to get through this mob comedy....

Image / 96 Minutes / 2010 / Rated R / Street Date: June 25, 2013

This low-rent Hangover indie all but wears out its welcome before its opening credits wrap up. In Venus and Vegas, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Donald Faison, and Eddie Guerra play a trio of bumbling yet well-meaning buddies who start off as small-time hustlers trying to avoid having to get full-time grown-up jobs, but end up knee-deep in a mobster scheme that could cost them a lot more than their lackadaisical lifestyles.

There’s no need to bother with a synopsis – just know that there’s a mob baddie (Jon Polito) who threatens our boys’ lives, and a handful of nice-looking ladies (Jaime Pressly and Molly Sims sit atop that heap) who teach our protagonists that there’s more in life than money and power in this world of ours And Venus and Vegas peppers its thin fable with as much bathroom humor as possible, hoping that fart and ass jokes will kickstart its narrative when need be.

It’s bad, folks. There are glimmers of chemistry among our leads – I bet they had a blast filming Venus and Vegas – but the film’s overall dramatic aims are so predictable and disposable that the picture pretty much dissolves as it unfurls. Sometimes when you pop in a Blu-ray Disc, you just want to turn your brain off for a minute, but even looking at Venus and Vegas through those rose-tinted glasses can’t salvage its shortcomings. 

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