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Come Out and Play: BD Review

Jul 18th, 2013

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This creepy kiddie vacation horror flick has its moments, but things don't quite add up....

New Video / 86 Minutes / 2012 / Unrated / Street Date: June 18, 2013

If you squint really hard and avoid paying attention to Come Out and Play’s incessant detail inconsistencies, there’s a marginal Twilight Zone fun to be had. Makinov (a one-namer) doesn’t lend any kind of subtlety or finesse to his film here, but for horror devotees willing to look the other way at key sequences, flatline entertainment like this has marginal merit.

The scenario at hand here is plainly obvious and is presented with flashing-neon obviousness. Francis (Ebon Moss-Bacharach) and his super-preggo wife Beth (Vinessa Shaw) have decided to take an exotic beach vacation, one where they can relax by the sea and just stare into each other’s eyes as they await the eventual presence of their little one. But when they get to their sparsely-populated destination, they realize that something is off: there are no adults there. Yes, Beth and Francis find themselves in a child-only village of the damned, and they need to get out ASAP.

This limp Lord of the Flies nightmare narrative has moments of inspiration, but Come Out and Play wears out its welcome, especially in its final moments. There’s a fun, eerie playfulness at hand during the movie’s best moments, but for every one of these, we’re bombarded with five instances of blank horror-show cliché that dampens any collective impact the movie might amass. In short, it falls apart, but there’s a slight throughline of fun to be had as it does so. 

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